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(Fanfrolico Press.) BYRON (Lord)


Publisher: Franfrolico Press,
Publication date: 1929

88/550 COPIES printed on mould-made paper, title-page border, vignette to colophon and 4 full-page illustrations by Carter printed in purple, further decorations, More

Price: £95.00

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(Golden Cockerel Press.) BROWNE (Sir Thomas)

A Letter to a Friend Upon the Occasion of the...

Publisher: Golden Cockerel Press,
Publication date: 1923

32/115 NUMBERED COPIES printed on Arnold's handmade paper, 3 large initial letters and 2 lines of text printed in maroon, the 'Cockerel' device blocked in gold on the final page, More

Price: £90.00

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(Fanfrolico Press.) Aristophanes.

Women in Parliament (Ecclesiazusai). Done int...

Publisher: Fanfrolico Press,
Publication date: 1929

407/500 COPIES printed on Kelmscott handmade paper, 4 plates, 12 head-pieces and a title-vignette all by Norman Lindsay, More

Price: £160.00

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(Old School Press.) BOULLOSA (Carmen)

Alchemy of the Planets.

Publisher: Cliff Edge, Beer Hill, Seaton, Old School Press,
Publication date: 2018

14/60 COPIES, introductory booklet signed by the author, artist, translator, studio manager and publisher, 32 Epson 3800 eight-colour prints on Somerset Enhanced Velvet, mounted on VĂ©lin Arches Noir ... More

Price: £1,900.00

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(Stourton Press.) SHEPHARD (Rupert)

Cockcrow and Other Verse.

Publisher: Stourton Press, Christmas
Publication date: 1977

FIRST EDITION, ONE OF 53 COPIES privately distributed, More

Price: £60.00

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(Tern Press.) JEFFERIES (Richard)

Thoughts on the Migration of Birds.

Publisher: Market Drayton: Tern Press,
Publication date: 1999

45/95 COPIES signed by the printers Nicholas and Mary Parry, printed on Arches paper, frontispiece and 16 further lithographs by Parry printed in various colours, More

Price: £150.00

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(Artists' Choice Editions.) GRAHAM (Rigby)

A Lifetime of Drawing. Sketchbook Drawings.

Publisher: Church Hanborough & London: Artists' Choice Editions,
Publication date: 2004

75/197 COPIES (from an edition of 244 copies) signed by Rigby Graham and Malcolm Yorke, printed on Mohawk Superfine paper, numerous drawings by Graham with many colour-printed and some double-spread, More

Price: £100.00

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(Inky Parrot Press.) COOK (Olive)

The Pink House.

Publisher: Church Hanborough: Inky Parrot Press,
Publication date: 2002

ONE OF 300 COPIES printed on Canson and Rivoli papers, More

Price: £30.00

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(Acorn Press.) KENEDY (R.C.) & Helmuth Weissenborn...

D'Arcy Kaye's Chapter One.

Publisher: Acorn Press,
Publication date: 1972

62/70 COPIES signed by poet and artist, printed on Basingwerk paper, frontispiece, titles and decorations printed in brown, More

Price: £50.00

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(Grove Park Press.) MARTIN (Frank)

Drawn from Life.

Publisher: Grove Park Press,
Publication date: 2004

ONE OF 100 COPIES (from an edition of 148 copies), numerous drawings by the author throughout the book, More

Price: £50.00

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