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Faust (Bernhard Christoph)

The Catechism of Health;

Publisher: Edinburgh: Printed for William Creech [and sold by others in Edinburgh and Glasgow],
Publication date: 1797

with an engraved frontispiece by Daniel Lizars, and 1 engraved plate, the plates spotted, text mostly clean, More

Price: £950.00

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Bacon (Francis)

Of the Advancement and Proficiencie of Learni...

Publisher: Printed for Thomas Williams,
Publication date: 1674

engraved portrait frontispiece, the final blank discarded, some worming in the upper and lower margins, not affecting text, that at the top petering out, that at the foot a single hole throughout, More

Price: £1,200.00

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Dancel (Jean-François)

Préceptes fondés sur la chimie organique po...

Publisher: Paris: Chez l'Auteur ... et chez Leblanc,
Publication date: 1850


Price: £350.00

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(Turing.) JEANS (James Hopwood)

The Mathematical Theory of Electricity and Ma...

Publisher: Cambridge: at the University Press,
Publication date: 1927

first and last pages slightly browned More

Price: £8,000.00

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Mac Flogg'em (Peter, pseud.)

Æsculapian Secrets Revealed:

Publisher: Printed [by W. Flint] for C. Chapple,
Publication date: 1813

FIRST EDITION, with a fine hand-coloured folding aquatint frontispiece of 'A Consultation of Physicians' signed El----s, a third part of the frontispiece a trifle darkened, title-page a slittle browne... More

Price: £1,500.00

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Pasquale of Ferrara

De morbis puerorum et mulierum ...

Publisher: Naples:
Publication date: 1797-98

manuscript in Latin, ink on paper, in a small, neat and just about legible hand, 2 parts in 1 vol., minor foxing, More

Price: £1,500.00

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No title

Publisher: Edinburgh: William and Robert Chambers, August 23,
Publication date: 1834

Contined in Chambers' Edinburgh Journal, No.134, in a complete Vol. III of the Journal, preliminaries a little foxed, More

Price: £550.00

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Petit de Montempuis (Jean-Gabriel)

Logica ...

Publisher: Paris:
Publication date: 1714-16

manuscript in ink on paper, executed with considerable care, some calligraphic flourishes, and small drawings, text within double red rules, text in black ink, chapter headings, &c, in red, title writ... More

Price: £3,500.00

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Euclidis elementorum libri priores sex,

Publisher: Oxford: e Theatro Sheldoniano. Impensis Henr. Clements,
Publication date: 1715

2 pasts in 1 vol., with a fine impression of the copper engraving of the north side of the Sheldonian Theatre by Michael Burghers (dated 1700), 'Trigononometriæ planæ & sphæricæ elementa' has a se... More

Price: £750.00

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or, a Compendium of Farriery.

Publisher: York: printed by H. Harrison, for N. Frobisher,
Publication date: 1792

with 8 folding plates, 1 as frontispiece, 2 containing 2 images, all more or less damaged at the folds, only one with serious loss (of a horse's right hind leg), some old fairly crude repairs (one usi... More

Price: £750.00

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