Sell Rare Books


We are always interested to purchase books that are rare or of collectable value, either singly or in collections or libraries. If you have books that you wish to sell, please e-mail us at or our other contact details can be found on our contact page.

To help us reply appropriately, please provide the Author, Title, Publication Details, and any comments you can make on the Binding and/or Dustjacket, and Condition. Digital photographs are also useful, if available.

Because condition is of the utmost importance, before making a firm offer or an accurate assessment of value we almost always need to take the final step of examining a book in person. For items or collections of sufficient importance, we can travel to view them. For items brought into our shop, we can provide a written receipt and secure storage if we need more time to examine than you have available, and we can respond by your preferred method. There is no fee or obligation for this.

If you are not sure whether a book is rare or valuable, we will happily provide a free basic verbal assessment of any book brought in for us to view. This can often be done immediately, though it will depend on staff availability and workload. Unfortunately we cannot value books by e-mail or over the telephone.

Should you require a formal written valuation, for insurance or other purposes, we can provide that service, with an appropriate charge for our time. Please contact us for details.