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(Binding.) JAMES (Angela, binder) (Folio Society)

Sir Patrick Spens and Other Ballads.

Publisher: Folio Society,
Publication date: 1994

FIRST EDITION THUS, printed on Japanese laid paper, 5 full-page wood engravings by Jane Lydbury, More

Price: £950.00

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(Morris.) ROBINSON (Duncan)

William Morris, Edward Burne-Jones and the Ke...

Publisher: Gordon Fraser,
Publication date: 1982

FIRST EDITION, 80 full-page plates reproducing photographs, sketches and engravings, More

Price: £70.00

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(Farleigh.) POOLE (Monica)

The Wood Engravings of John Farleigh.

Publisher: Henley-on-Thames: Gresham Books,
Publication date: 1985

FIRST EDITION, frontispiece and numerous Farleigh illustrations printed in black and red, More

Price: £80.00

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Harper (Clifford)

The Unknown Deserter.

Publisher: Working Press,
Publication date: [1990]

FIRST EDITION THUS, nine full-page illustrations, one quarter-page advertising another Harper book, More

Price: £20.00

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(Burkert.) DICKINSON (Emily)

Acts of Light.

Publisher: Boston: New York Graphic Society,
Publication date: 1980

549/750 COPIES, DELUXE EDITION, signed by Langton and Ekholm Burkert, decorations in text printed in brown, 11 full-page colour plates, More

Price: £60.00

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Steele (Mary Q.)

Journey Outside.

Publisher: New York: Viking Press,
Publication date: 1969

FIRST EDITION, decorations and six double-page spreads by Negri, More

Price: £40.00

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Farleigh (John)

It Never Dies.

Publisher: Sylvan Press,
Publication date: 1946

FIRST EDITION, with numerous plates and illustrations in the text, More

Price: £40.00

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(Gillmore Carter.) Desmond (Shaw)

Tales of the Little Sisters of Saint Francis.

Publisher: Grant Richards & Humphrey Toulmin,
Publication date: 1929

FIRST EDITION, illustrated with numerous wood engravings by Ann Gillmore Carter, More

Price: £40.00

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Markowitz (Arthur)

With Uplifted Tongue

Publisher: Johannesburg: Central News Agency Ltd.,
Publication date: 1956

FIRST EDITION, illustrated throughout by Arthur Goldreich, More

Price: £30.00

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Leale (B.C.)

Under a Glass Sky.

Publisher: Hounslow: Caligula Books,
Publication date: 1975


Price: £20.00

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Results 151-160 of 222
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