(Dante Alighieri.) SONETTI E CANZONI

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di diuersi antichi autori toscani in dieci libri raccolte. Di Dante Alaghieri [sic] libri quattro. Di m. Cino da Pistoia libro uno. Di Guido Caualcanti libro uno. Di Dante da Maiano libro uno. Di fra Guittone d'Arezzo libro uno. Di diuerse canzoni e sonetti senza nome d'autore libro uno.

Description: woodcut printer's device on title, text in italic, a little scattered spotting, and a few minor stains, ff. [iv], 148, 8vo, 17th-century French red morocco, single gilt fillet on sides framed by a gilt hound's tooth roll tool, spine gilt in compartments, darker lettering piece, gilt and gauffered edges, very good, 3 MS corrections on i4r (this leaf not numbered, in fact 68), bookplate of Charles Meek

Publication Details: [colophon:] Florence: Heirs of Filippo Giunta, 1527

Notes: Second (first, Venice, 1518, of the utmost rarity) and most comprehensive edition of the most complete collection of Italian poets assembled in the 14th century, including the first edition of Dante's Canzoniere, edited by eminent philologists and humanists, including Antonio Albert, Bernardo Segni and Pietro Vettori. In addition the book contains work of poets who had a great influence on Dante such as Cino da Pistoia, Guido Cavalcanti, Dante da Majano, for some of whom this is the only extant source for their work. 'This important collection reveals the growing application of textual princ...more

Bibliography: (Mambelli 995 ('pregevole e rara'); Pettas 219; CNCE 28787)

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Subject: Literature

Published Date: 1527

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